Schmertz (Pain)

In the translation of Sergei Dmitrov, the modern German philosopher Reinhard Knodt first spoke Ukrainian.


Smart and easy text, full fill of graphics by Hamlet Zinkivsky, known for his laconic street art.


Pain... What is pain? Suffering? Or is it the effort we are forced to do? 

Reinhard Knodt suggests looking at the philosophy through a "poetic" prism, urging not to avoid pain, as if something in the main negative, but to understand the fundamental signal in it, the impetus for the restoration of balance, the state of rethinking. After all, pain is a natural, inalienable attribute of life: anxiety for loss, soul attraction, a whole range of love afflictions, sums for the parents' house. Reinhard talks about basic situations: I'm sick, I got married, I have a boss, a child... Philosophical theses are tightly embedded in the literary text, which makes reading meditative, encouraging to live life expediently, filling it with essential things.

Edition of 150 copies, numbered, signed by Hamlet Zinkivsky (ukrainian language)
165х240 mm, 84 pages.

ISBN 978-966-97673-2-5

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